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I Remember a time, not so long ago, when things were a lot simpler than they are now. When everything we put in our mouths nourished us with the love and attention put into the food by the farmer, the fisherman, and the cook. When having a good time meant getting together with friends (kids and old folks, alike) to eat and dance the night away.

The spirit of Randol's is deeply rooted in the values and traditions of Cajun culture. We take care of the food we serve, in the belief that the food we eat takes cares of us. Each day, trucks deliver fresh produce and seafood from the Gulf of Mexico to our restaurant. We raise our own crawfish and crabs, and we grow our own fresh herbs. Everything we prepare at Randol's starts with the freshest and best ingredients available. That's the real heart of Cajun cooking. You can even take a taste of the good times with you when you leave. Ask about our catering and mail-order service.

We believe that as food nourishes the body, so good times and good friends feed the soul. As soon as the fiddler starts tuning up and the first dancers hit the floor, no one's a stranger at Randol's. Like the food, the music and the dances are simple and hark back to a time when songs were made about pretty girls, the mystery of love, and the pain of loss. The Cajun and zydeco musicians who play at Randol's are some of Acadiana's finest, and are part of the spirit that keeps this vital culture alive and flourishing.

So, whether you're a regular or just in town for the evening, we're glad you're here. Sit back and enjoy the best food in the world, or kick up your heels and join in the fun. Surrender yourself to a simpler lifestyle, and the Cajun "joie de vivre" will steal your heart.

Bon Appetit, Frank Beaulleau Randol
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